About Us

Our Vision

We are in the rapidly advancing earth driven by information and technology where implementation of innovative ideas can only fulfill the unflagging needs of individuals, W3Codex is contract bound with this vision.

Our Mission

Our mission is to assist people all over the world in the field of web and mobile application, software, design, writing, digital marketing and data science through our product, services and also consultation. To do this, we are intended to support each of our team members so that they can provide exceptional services. W3Codex aims at bringing about some revolutionary changes in this sector that must be beneficial to mankind. 

  • Achieve ​our goals of serving mankind and sustain life long.
  • Provide quality service and products to our customers.
  • Cope with latest advancement in information and technology
  • Create innovative ideas and implement it for human wealfare.

Numbers Don’t Lie

W3Codex provides quality service of their customer and buyers all over the world with good reputation. This help helps us to increase our profit as well as enrich our portfolios. 

2MUSD Profit
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Talents Behind Our Success

These talented persons are the core motivation of W3Codex. The company is standing on the restless work of these men, who are contributing to the company with their brain, heart and hard work. The company is grateful to them forever. 

Our History

Initial planning of W3Codex started in 2013. Due to the unflagging of man power and also of quality service in Information and Technology field we realized it’s our duty to serve people with our knowledge and hard work in this field. Since that time we started to improve our skills and gather more experience through training, professional works and also knowledge sharing. At 2017 we all together sat on a meeting and finalized our decision. Finally our main activities started on 2018 with eight different services. In the first four months we served 9 different clients and also developed 7 different products.


Launch ISP Software

The first software that is ISP billing software lunched in 21 April 2018 developed by Fahim Ahmed. 


Scotland Office

Our second office started on Feb'18 at Isle of Arran, Scotland lead by Mohammod Goni.



At December 2017 we established our first office at Bank Colony, Savar, Dhaka with 7 members. 


Initial Plan

Initial planning of W3Codex started in 2013 with the vision of serving mankind in IT sector.

Growing Fast

Within the first six months we have launched our second branch globally. We have served 41+ clients with four different services. We developed 7+ products. From 7 members we are now 21 members family among those 7 works remotely from India, UK, Malaysia for us. Now, it’s time for us to set a more higher standard with quality, trust and responsibility. 

Information Technologies

We work in partnership with all the major technology suppliers

  • WebHostBD, #1 hosting provider in BD is our Domain Hosting partner.
  • Submit Cube India's one of the best Digital Marketing Agency.
  • Get Rank Consulting is a Malaysia based SEO and Web Design Company.
  • ABCD Foundation is a Bangladeshi NGO who works on Education.
  • Besides these we have more partners in various fields wordlwide.

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    W3Codex is a rising name in the field of web and mobile application, software, design, writing, digital marketing, and data science. It is growing fast with a group of talented and devoted people. Going operational in 2018, they've already developed more than 7 products and made 9 clients satisfied with their work. W3Codex understand what you need, how you need and helps you stay ahead of the competition. W3Codex is the perfect business partner for you.


    A 82/4, Bank Colony, Savar, Dhaka


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